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Night Sweats - Stop the Discomfort with Sonno

Night Sweats relief for quality sleep is our focus. Sonno, pronounced [soh-noh], means “sleep” in Italian. No matter your language, or the word you use for sleep, we all know its extreme importance in maintaining a healthy life. We should be getting 7 hours of restful sleep each night, but for those of us with Night Sweats, 2 to 3 hours may be a luxury. Whether your Night Sweats occur once a month, once a week or nightly, there is a solution.

The Sonno Sleep HyperHidrosis system was designed to wick moisture away from the body, using eco friendly, highly technical, anti-microbial, odor eliminating, wickingSonno QwickPad Night Sweat Relief fabrics; to give you a dry, neutral climate surface to sleep on.

The Sonno Sleep pad is easy to use and easy to wash, making it easy to get back to sleep. Simply place it on top of your fitted sheet at night, and if needed, toss it in the wash in the morning. Be sure to read our easy product care instructions on the How It Works page.

I have lived with night sweats and night chills over the past 30 years of my life. There have been many nights I have awakened to find myself lying in a puddle of sweat - chilled from the moisture. Not wanting to get up, go through the time consuming process of changing the sheets and risk staying awake or waking up my wife, I would lay awake thinking there has to be a solution.

For many years I would lay a towel down on the sheets each night, in case I did have night sweats. They helped absorb some moisture, but would stay wet and cold for hours, causing a semi-sleep state and waking what felt like every 10 minutes.

Having worked in the garment industry over the last two decades, I have come in contact with many fabrics, yarns, and products - some of them technical. There is a large assortment of technical fabrics being used in the market today. Over the last couple of years I have researched, and slept on hundreds of these fabrics. Some wicked moisture better than others, but none of them had a quick enough drying rate. Then I found a woven fabric called NanoBon. After assembling and testing prototypes, the product was ready. From there, the Sonno Sleep System became a reality. Our goal here at Sonno is simple - to give you a better night sleep.

Get Sonno... get back to sleep!